Business Park Sale/Lease | Civic Executive Park, Concord, CA

Date: April 2012-April 2015
Labeled: ,
Size: 64,000 SF | 48,000 SF | 24,000 SF
City: Concord

100% Leased |1470 Civic Court | April 2015

We completed two 1,600 sqft leases in 1st quarter of 2015 at 1470 Civic Court to bring the property to 100% occupancy. In less than three years our team sold six buildings totaling 88,000 square feet to owner users and investors and completed several lease transactions totaling over 40,000 square feet. Notable transactions included a 19,000 square foot twelve year lease with the County, a five year 8,000 sqft lease to a local wholesale services firm, a short term lease to the sewer district and many smaller leases under 3,000 sqft.

Business Park Sale |1465 & 1485 Civic Court | February 2014

One building was vacant and the other was fully leased. Seller engaged our team to list and widely market the buildings. 1465 Civic was marketed as an owner user sale and 1485 Civic was listed as a leased investment. We prepared a 10 year cash flow analysis of the property, a sales prospectus, and pre-sale due diligence packages. The property sold to a foreign investor who initially showed interest in the 1465 Civic building. Eric Erickson, Tony Binswanger and Kevin Van Voorhis represented the Seller.

Owner User Sale |1450 Civic Court | April 2013

Civic Executive Park started as a leasing assignment. The market was moving extremely slow. The owner agreed to subdivide the three buildings and put in place a condominium plan to sell off units. The sum of the parts was worth more than the whole. Eric Erickson and Tony Binswanger represented the Seller. The Buyer purchased all three buildings in bulk as an owner user. Financing was conventional.

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