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Why We Think Office Demand is Picking Up

Just this week Uber announced it was taking 330,000 sqft in Oakland (see the article here). Even though our clients have relatively small space(s) in a different market we think this is an indicator that office demand in in the North 680 market will improve right away. Last quarter was “slack” for the Walnut Creek B segment (rents and vacancy both went up) today we are seeing dramatic changes with the quotes we are receiving from the other brokers in the market.

Walnut Creek Shadelands Comes into the Spotlight

The Shadelands of Walnut Creek once known for a sleepy back office business park is transforming to a business center surrounded by retail shopping, recreation facilities, child care, and medical services. Not to mention, the entire business community will be able to get to work using an express bus service and bicycle trails. With the new developments of Walnut Creek’s Downtown making the city more urban, the Shadelands is a beacon for companies looking to expand in traditionally suburban Walnut Creek.

New Shadelands Business Park Improvement District

The Shadelands is often referred to being locked away from the freeway by eighteen stoplights. Over the years tenants have shown preference to Concord office properties over Shadelands because of the perceived transportation and travel time limitations. Economically these two markets are nearly perfect substitutes with comparable rents and terms.

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Our Team here at Walnut Creek|East Bay Office would like to welcome you to our newly designed website. You will find our current property listings as well as our portfolio of properties we have sold and leased over the past several years. For your convenience and knowledge, check out our Client Resources where you’ll have access to all of Contra Costa County’s resources for small businesses.

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