Walnut Creek Shadelands Comes into the Spotlight

The Shadelands of Walnut Creek once known for a sleepy back office business park is transforming to a business center surrounded by retail shopping, recreation facilities, child care, and medical services. Not to mention, the entire business community will be able to get to work using an express bus service and bicycle trails. With the new developments of Walnut Creek’s Downtown making the city more urban, the Shadelands is a beacon for companies looking to expand in traditionally suburban Walnut Creek.

As told by this fantastic video produced by the City of Walnut Creek and the Chamber of Commerce, businesses are able to choose a location that their employees can access nearby food, childcare, and transportation to BART. The Shadelands office market is close to nearby affordable housing for workers as well as access to the beautiful trails on Mt. Diablo for weekend adventures.

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