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Pavement Lifecycle: Can it Get More Exciting Than This?

While roofs and mechanical systems get most of the attention, conscientious operators build in reserves for the replacement of all capital items including the parking lot. Usually when a capital expenditure is made, the expense is amortized over its useful life, and then collected again back over that time from the tenant(s) in the building. Be advised that replacement reserves may get transferred in sales to the buyer, similar to security deposits, for the continued replacement of capital items.

Restroom Accessibility | Self Assessment

The first thing to remember is that if you can read the following diagrams and a tape measure you can reasonably understand what is in and out of compliance in your restrooms. While your real estate agent (meaning us) never wants to tell you if the property is or isn’t in compliance you can educate yourself and learn to identify accessibility issues. In this article we want to simplify the issues, point out some rules of thumb, and make recommendations about where clients can seek additional information. There are lots of resources you can find to figure out where you stand—or sit.

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