Oakland Investment Sale | 3300 Webster St.

Date: February 2006
Labeled: ,
Size: 100,000 SF
City: Oakland

Seller engaged us to widely market the property for Investment Sale. We prepared an Argus analysis of the property, a sales prospectus, and pre-sale due diligence packages. As the lead leasing agent, Eric Erickson prepared the Leasing Market Analysis/ Market Data section of the offering and worked with the investment team, led by Kevin Van Voorhis, to set up the leasing model in Argus.   The project required an in-depth knowledge of the local market, reading through all leases, creating a 10 yr cash flow analysis, working out CAM reconciliation issues with property management, and developing a seller guarantee that incorporated the lost rent and leasing costs for the upcoming vacancies. Eric Erickson and Kevin Van Voorhis represented the Seller.

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