West Downtown Specific Plan

The City of Walnut Creek is planning a new initiative to expand the development potential in downtown.  The plan will change the City’s landscape and skyline. This is a bold initiative that will add more housing density to the downtown core. We will see taller buildings up to 89 feet in height and improved intermodal connections for the Oakland boulevard corridor. Landowners should be very happy. The zoning changes will increase land values. The area is larger now. This plan will replace the former West Mt. Diablo Specific Plan.

Proposed West Spec Plan Area


Revised Plan Area Boundaries Approved October 2, 2012

Key Changes to Development Guidelines


Increase the height limit for properties along a portion of Lacassie Avenue from 50 feet to 65 feet.

Increase the height limit for properties along portions of Ygnacio Valley Road, North California Boulevard, and Lacassie Avenue from 35 feet to 50 feet.

Increase the height limit for properties along portions of Bonanza Street, Oakland Boulevard, North California Boulevard, Mt. Diablo Boulevard, Bont Lane, Alpine Road, and Olympic Boulevard from 50 feet to 89 feet (six stories maximum).

Increase the height limit for properties along portions of Mt. Diablo Boulevard, South California Boulevard, and Olympic Boulevard from 35 feet to 89 feet (six stories maximum).

Remove Overlay Zone O-20, located along North California Boulevard, adjacent to Almond Avenue and Shuey Avenue.

Create a new Overlay Zone O-23 surrounding the Almond-Shuey Neighborhood.

Increase the future street setback line for Alpine Road from a 60-foot wide right-of-way to a 76-foot wide right-of-way.

Expand Parking Reduction Zone D to include properties located within a one-half mile walking distance from the Walnut Creek BART station, and which are located within zoning districts that allow office uses.

Remove properties from Parking Reduction Zone D which have or will be rezoned to zoning districts that do not allow office uses.

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My thoughts below:

For Sale Property in Plan Area


For Sale Property in Plan Area

Owners should look to their neighbors and decide how to combine lots for larger developments.

Specifically for Oakland Boulevard, where several office buildings sit, the plan proposes that the street be improved adding sidewalks and parallel parking. Currently that segment of Oakland between Mt. Diablo and Almond looks and feels like unincorporated Walnut Creek. Street improvements will add the perception that the buildings will become more accessible to BART.

Our company is investing time looking at both residential and office properties for investors and developers and have our eye on this West Downtown Specific plan.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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